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Even though Gozo is separated from its sister island of Malta by just a 20 minute ferry trip, it is uniquely and surprisingly different. Gozo is a smaller, more rural and a much more tranquil version of Malta. Basically, Gozo is known for its charming scenery, immaculate coastline and relatively untouched country trails, perfect for long, adventurous drives.

Gozo is a geographical masterpiece forged by nature and shaped by over 6,000 years of historical progression. It is believed that Gozo is the basis of Homer’s Odyssey where Calypso held Ulysses as her prisoner for around seven years. It is not by chance that Gozo is considered by many as the epicentre of many classical mythological masterpieces, with many myths shaping Gozo’s most distinguish features. Religion has a strong presence in Gozo. From prehistoric periods, many religious artifacts still stand as a symbol of gratitude towards the ancient gods. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ġgantija, which is around 6000 years old, is living proof of this. Following great religious and historical turmoil, Roman Catholicism became the most dominant religion in the Maltese islands and the many soaring churches rising from the heart of each Maltese and Gozitan village, are testaments for the love of all that is mystical and traditional. One can easily find a tourist attraction with every passing glance. The idyllic natural scenery, the breathtaking beaches, the spontaneous characters and the mouth-watering dishes only Gozo can offer are just the start. Its beauty goes far beyond what you can find on the island, since Gozo is also one of Europe’s top diving destinations with a remarkable range of natural underwater sites intertwined with the many boat wrecks which give the thousands of divers who frequent them the chance to explore the relatively new breeding grounds for marine life.

We welcome each and everyone of you to our fabulous island. We are more than certain you will enjoy your stay and appreciate everything which makes Gozo so distinctively unique and captivating.

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